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Meet Our Authors

Scott Mehno

Scott Mehno has been writing for artists and companies in the entertainment industry for well over two decades. A New Jersey husband and dad with two kids, it’s the universal family dynamics on display in nearly every small-town Christmas Eve that inspired him to write Shorte List. He is forever grateful that the holiday magic of Charles Dickens and Santa Claus still abides.

Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels

Meet Darryl, a quiet third grader with big hopes and dreams. He loves writing and wants to share his talents, but he’s shy—and the kids who make fun of his glasses only make things worse. Will the school talent show be his chance to shine? Darryl’s Dream, by iconic performer Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, is a story about finding confidence, facing bullies, and celebrating yourself.

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The Shorte List


It’s Christmas Eve in Townlee, NJ and the former holiday oasis has fallen on hard times. The small town’s hopes are all riding on Bail Hatchell, an overworked AI/hologram designer who’s made a walking, talking Charles Dickens that spins tales and spurns fools like the famous author of A Christmas Carol. Bail’s invention, 7 years in the making, could save the hologram company, revive the town, and most importantly – restore his relationship with his 9 year old daughter…who loves Christmas . What follows is a high-stakes race against the clock, with Dickens and Santa leading the charge. Funny, heartwarming, and family-friendly, Shorte List is a story about the power of believing in each other!

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